Pulse Secure

Pulse Secure offers seamless, secure access from anywhere, any device with centralized management and visibility.

For information on Pulse Secure products, please contact robert.fitzgerald@securematics.com.             

Pulse Secure channel partners bring the platform’s enterprise security capabilities to companies of all sizes in a wide variety of industries and geographies. These partners offer Pulse Secure solutions to customers to ensure their unique business requirements can be successfully fulfilled. Our partners range from distributors to value added resellers. With access to excellent resources and tools, growing your business with Pulse Secure is easy and profitable. 


Connect Now partner program overview:

The Pulse Secure Connect Now partner program simplifies the relationship between vendor and partner so partners can spend more time delighting customers. The program offers streamlined program tiers, simplified engagement and transparency. 

The Pulse Secure Connect Now partner program eliminates the requirement for partners to take costly certifications. Instead the Pulse Secure Connect Now partner program supports the partners’ efforts to build expertise in Pulse Secure solutions, including Pulse Connect Secure, Pulse Policy Secure, Pulse Workspace and the recently launched Pulse One. In addition to a requirement for joint case studies, the Connect Now program will require a thorough review of a partner’s competency in sales, engineering and marketing.  

As part of the Pulse Secure Connect Now partner program, the company will recognize three program tiers: Community, Secure Plus and Secure Premier. Each level represents the partner’s proficiency, expertise and growth in selling Pulse Secure solutions to their customers. Partner rewards and incentives are differentiated at each level and will reflect the partner’s investment in Pulse Secure’s solutions. Along with the program’s easy to understand structure, partners will also benefit from a dedicated support team. 

For information on Pulse Secure Connect Now, please contact robert.fitzgerald@securematics.com



Support Now overview:

Pulse Secure has developed the Support Now (PAR) Program to allow qualified partners to deliver Level 1 and 2 support to their end-customers. This program will also allow for qualified partners to have direct access to Level 3 support at Pulse Secure. Pulse Secure will also provide tools and resources to its qualified partners to increase their success.  

Our goal is to enable and promote your brand of services so that you emerge as the “trusted advisor” to your customers by providing best-in-class service and support that result in you being engaged to shape the future strategic direction of your customers’ network infrastructures. Pulse Secure is committed to meeting your unique requirements, empowering you to increase your branding opportunities, and enabling you to better serve your customers with powerful tools and strong capabilities.  

For information on Pulse Secure Connect Now, please contact robert.fitzgerald@securematics.com


NFR program overview:

Pulse Secure has a demo program that allows Connect Now Partners to cost effectively buy Demonstration/Lab Equipment and Pulse Secure support bundles for demonstration purposes. These units are not for resale (NFR) but rather only for demonstration purchases. To help these Connect Now Partners defray some of the cost of purchasing this demo equipment, this program offers hardware, software licenses and support bundles at deeply discounted prices. No additional discounts can be applied to these already discounted bundles. The maximum number of bundles a Connect Now Partner can purchase in a single calendar year is 3 without prior approval. The attached document describes the demo program in more detail.   

For information on the Pulse Secure NFR program, please contact robert.fitzgerald@securematics.com


Why sell the PSA, our technology enhancements
High-performance hardware
Impressive performance, scalability, and security to meet
increasing networking demands
Dual-personality services
Multi-service appliance purpose-built for Pulse Secure Connect
Secure (SSL VPN) and Pulse Secure Policy Secure (NAC)
Reduced time to service
Designed with users in mind, easy to configure, install and
deploy out of the box
Superior support
Backed by a world-class technical support and threat
research team